Use these worksheets to guide you through the processes of discovery, research, and valuation you see on this website. 

Discovery Worksheet

You should enjoy this worksheet first, just to read the pieces of the book you've chosen with respect to the object that it is. This worksheet can feed into the following ones, where you will have all book's information in one place as you move forward.

Biography Worksheet

This worksheet will outline the research portion of discovering the book as an object. Your own interaction with the book counts towards its biography, whether it is a book that you're only coming across in the store or given to you ages ago and forgotten until now. This and the worksheet above will be needed to fill out the last one, though the books biography may not always be needed for valuation. 

Valuation Worksheet

This final worksheet should be the last one that you fill out. Though this will take you through the questions and processes that you should answer and use for knowing the monetary value of the book, remember that the market does not ever stay steady and differences in prices are due to a myriad of factors. Monetary value is also not the only kind of value that matters to the material book, but this worksheet will help you through the steps most booksellers go through to value their product. 

Investigating the Book


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