This project was made possible through the incredible patience of Professors Sherry Linkon and John Pfordresher, who listened to me rant and passionately rave about how much I love the subject of this project; to my friends, Audrey Smith, Stephanie Albrecht, and Hannah Mae Atherton for their editing ability, kind words, and constant support, though they were working on their own final projects; to the Lauinger Library Information Technology department, especially Megan Martinsen and Suzanne Chase for making my books look beautiful on the screen and helping me through my technology fears; and to my family, my parents, and my brother, who have always cheered me on. 


A special thanks to my best friend, Shannon McCarthy, for keeping me going through the late nights and consistent stress, and to the love of my life, Joshua Hampson, for never doubting my abilities and never letting me give up.  


Finally, a huge swath of thank-you's to Hatley and Jackie Mason, Davie and Beverly Burgdorf, Oscar Aceituno, and every bookseller and bookbinder who has let me prattle on about books with them. While there are plenty other people out in the world of the book that I'd like to thank, it would take a whole page to name them all, so I will say this: The love that you have shown me that you have both for this world and the books that reside in it has encouraged me to pursue this project, my career, and the community that I so enjoy.