Endpapers, or endpages, are the sheets of paper that cover the inside of the book board and add to the structural integrity of the book by connecting the book with its cover, or case, which is the cover and spine connected as one piece. 

These endpapers are pretty basic and match the paper on the inside pages in color, though not in texture. These pages are smoother and more glossy than the pages that fill the book

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Binding is the basics of book construction, and sewing the quires together is what keeps a book intact, though time and use will always wear a book out. Every binder has a different way of doing it, and in more modern years it is done with a machine, and mostly with glue rather than sewn with thread.


The sewing tapes can be seen rubbed through the endpapers, though they are still intact and in good condition. This binding shows the book to have been sewn on two tapes, though there may be more than just those two tapes as binding support, as the edge of the super (the mesh) can be seen as well. This may be a hard thing to see directly, so visiting the binding page in Topics may help to better visualize what this means. To do so, click on the button below.



Pastedowns, like bookplates and any paper that has been added to the page with adhesive, were not uncommon for personal books, especially if the owner wanted to identify the book as part of their own library. 

The bookplate here identifies the book as part of John Wyndham Bruce's library, with his family's crest and motto. The other pastedown is what looks like a portion cut from a book catalogue for another book by the same author of this one. 

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